“Blowing things up” comes naturally to boys

“Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from Him.”
♥  Psalm 127:3  ♥ 

I’m sitting here watching my 5-year-old son, at his request, playing at our counter high dining room table. He’s playing with the lego creations he continuously makes. He’s quite the inventor, no two ships are ever the same. I can’t help but smile at the level of imagination that he puts into his playing! As one of the mini figures dismounts his ship, he walks across the galactic glass table top,  proceeds to count down the ticking of the bomb, and, alas, blows off part of the enemy’s ship. And I… am truly amazed! Why?
♥ Because I get to be HIS mom! ♥
Thing is, I’m not very creative by nature, but my sweet hubby is. I would like to be more imaginative, but that’s just not the way I was created. I habitually say aloud, “oh you (whichever son at the time) are SO much like Daddy (or me)”, obviously pointing out which of us passed on the wonderful trait. My husband finally says, “babe…you keep saying this, but the fact is: who else are they going to be like?!”  Wow, this is true! So blatantly true and yet I hadn’t  paid much attention to take the “credit” for their awesomeness, lol.

To be quite honest..I’m not worthy of the credit. Oh believe me, I sure would like to take all the glory, but I cannot. The LORD has created each of my boys to be SO very distinctly different from me. Sure, they carry some of my traits, but really…the credit is ALL the LORD’s. I just have to make sure that I keep praising Him & praying for them. Most days I can hardly believe that He has entrusted ME with children! Not just one, but 4! That right there just shows me this has nothing to do with me, but it’s ALL about Him and the glory He will receive through these boys…

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